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The NW  Lacoup school went from a thatched hut school to a nice block building. We opened the new school in September of 2016 with 67 children and in September 2017, enrollment will reach 132 children or more. We are beginning construction on an additional new smaller school on the same property that will have 4 classrooms for Pre-K,  Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.

We have adequate desks and chairs in the big school but will need more desks and chairs for the 4 new classrooms.  At the current school and in the new school being built we provide a hot cooked lunch for all children.

Cite Soleil schools

We opened the only handicapped school in Cite Soleil in 2010 and now have almost 75 children in the morning handicapped school, then we use the same building for our Community School for street children during the afternoon. NONE of these children would be able to go to school if our doors were not open.  Most have no shoes so we are constantly sending OGT shoes so they can go to class.  We do not cook lunch but send each child home with 2 packets of rice meals to cook at home. A rough area to work in but God is using HFH to be a blessing to the people with food, clothes, education and clean water.  

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Riveacola is located in NW Haiti and in the driest, most remote area I have ever seen. The villagers were given this very nice abandoned government rock building with 3 rooms inside, so we use that for the school. We have 3 classes in the morning and 3 in the afternoon, otherwise the children WOULD NOT be able to go to school.  The mothers told me their children eat only once meal every two days.  We DO serve LUNCH at the school and each child eats now once a day.

 The teachers told us they have to expand because there are so many children.  We gave them money to build a thatched hut and now we will NEED desks, chairs for the 2 new classes of pre-K & K.

Riveacola School - NW Haiti

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NW  Lacoup school