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Help for Haiti Inc

Earthquake Relief

  • Help for Haiti - provided hundreds of walkers and wheelchairs to those injured by the 2010 quake 



  • Help for Haiti - providing clean water and supplies for the city residents 




  • Help for Haiti - distributed MILLIONS of emergency food and rice meal packets, thousands of bottles of water and tons of vital emergency supplies to earthquake victims




        See More Help for Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts Here






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        Who We Are


        Working in Haiti since 1995, HELP FOR HAITI  INC. is  a US 501 c (3) not-for- profit faith based relief charity and an NGO, recognized by the government of Haiti.  
        Partnering with existing Haitian agencies and other US  non profits, HELP FOR HAITI has provided over $30 MILLION in donated goods-in-kind relief aide of food, clothing,
        educational, health and medical supplies which HELP FOR HAITI consistently  donates to orphanages, schools, hospitals., churches, tent cities and community development programs throughout Haiti. 
        HELP FOR HAITI has constructed wells, schools, orphanages, clinics and maintains the repairs to its NW water project which provides clean water to 22 villages located in the high NW Haiti mountains .  

        HELP FOR HAITI ’s primary focus is assisting remote orphanages and handicapped groups who receive little or no outside aide and community development programs in selected areas.

        HELP FOR HAITI also assists other non profits groups with logistics and transport work in Haiti.  The HELP FOR HAITI warehouse and compound are located at Santo 12, #22, Port au Prince with secondary locations in NW LaCoup, Fon Parisienne and Cite Soleil.





          Port au Prince:  Central  area for receiving and distributing relief aide and is Help For Haiti’s home headquarters


          NW Mountains:   Focusing on water development and child nutrition, Help For Haiti maintains a water project for 22 villages

          with a nutrition program for several schools in the region. The future hope is to construct a clinic and technical school .


          Cite Soleil:  Help For Haiti maintains an office in the midst of 400 families in Sector One with development programs that include a new

          school for handicapped children, a community school for street children, the elderly handicapped program with AHAAP, the young men's work initiative and community food distribution, plans for water and sanitation stations and the “Roof-Repair-One-At-A- Time Project”.




        "Food For Life Children's Program"


        Sadly, in Haiti, too often parents have to bury their children before the age of 
        five due to malnutrition or illnesses associated with dehydration.
        The Help for Haiti "Food for Life" program addresses health, development,
        education and safety needs of Haiti's children. HELP FOR HAITI ‘s  primary
        compound is located at Santo 12,and  used to store and distribute shipments of nutritious food, 
        to over 36  children's feeding programs run by schools, orphanages and handicapped 
        association. Each of these agencies has been identified as a recipient of food because 
        of the fact that each is receiving little or no assistance from outside agencies.
        How many children receive a daily nutritious meals from this program ?


        On a DAILY BASIS, how many children receive a nutritious meal 
        from the HELP FOR HAITI . "FOOD PROGRAM"?

        More than 2300 children DIRECTLY BENEFIT each day from food distributed
        to 38 agencies monthly.


        Over 14,400 children benefit INDIRECTLY  as a result of HELP FOR HAITI 
        assisting other

         non-profits to obtain nutritious food for their programs. 


         HELP FOR HAITI provides, at no cost,
        containers of nutritious food.  Each
        food pack provides a nutritionally
        balanced meal specifically produced
        to promote health and development in
        children who eat the food on a regular basis.



        Children who are on the HELP FOR
        HAITI food program no longer
        have yellow colored hair due to
        malnutrition. They grow at a
        normal rate, are happier, more
        alert, more playful and their little
        limbs begin to fill out. From skin
        and bones, a healthy child emerges.



        In each case, where 
        HELP FOR HAITI has
        provided nutrition food to
        school feeding programs, the
        students  who once fell
        asleep or passed out in class
        due to extreme hunger,
        stopped falling asleep in
        class  The children on the
        HELP FOR HAITI Food
        for Life program are
        more alert, they learn and
        retain what they are taught.
        The food proves to not only
        fill a belly,but to have a positive
        effect on the learning ability
        and development of each child. 


        LA GONAVE:

        HELP FOR HAITI provides
        lunch for several schools
        on the island of LaGonave.
        To operate this program,
        the food must be picked
        up outside of Port au
        Prince, taken by Ferry
        boat over to La Gonave
        and carried up to
        the schools
        by MULE. 


         Since 1995, Help for Haiti Inc. has addressed the health, development,and safety needs of children in Haiti.  
         Donations to Help for Haiti, Inc. are tax deductible and enable Help for Haiti Inc. to
        provide food, clean drinking water and temporary shelter, as well as assistance for
        other charities and organizations to move food and supplies through Haitian customs.  
        Help for Haiti is a 501 (3) (c) US charity. All donations benefit those in need in the country of Haiti.

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